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“Lost Map I” Print by Madam P


“r82d6″ Limited Edition Print by Kevin Marion


“Devil’s Brook” Print by Bill Zima


“Self Portrait III” Print by Sef Berkers


“Tomorrow’s World” Sculpture by Philip Hearsey


“Feast and Famine” Sculpture by Philip Hearsey


“Châtaignes et figatelli” Print by Monique Laville


“Old Zin” Print by Jerry Venditti


“Ascension” Print by Derek Culley


“Event Horizon” Limited Edition Print by Chris Lyter


“Study for Reed Honey” Print by Sef Berkers


“Circle of Life I” Limited Edition Print by Sabrina Terence


“Hartland Tide” Sculpture by Philip Hearsey


“Donuts (Chocolate)” 2009 by Banksy


“The Violinist” Limited Edition Print by Benjamin Casiano


“Pushed Too Far” Print by Robert van Bolderick


“Abstract Oker I” Print by Sef Berkers


“Wine Country Lifestyle” Print by Jerry Venditti


“Bollo Brook” Print by Bill Zima


“Stonethwaite” Print by Bill Zima


“Campbell’s Soup II, Cheddar Cheese” (1969) by Andy Warhol


“Balloon Dog (Yellow)” (2015) by Jeff Koons


“Yellow” Print by Rajiv Khilnani


“Ethidium Bromide Aqueous Solution” (2005) by Damien Hirst


“Dawlish Water” Print by Bill Zima


“Marché aux oignons à Marseille” (2014) Painting by Monique Laville


“The New Spirit (Donald Duck)” 1985 by Andy Warhol


“Monica Nude with Cezanne” (1994) by Tom Wesselmann