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“Big Blonde with Choker” (1992) by Tom Wesselmann


“Heaven to Earth” Print by Derek Culley


“The Big Apple” Print by Jerry Venditti


“Coucher de soleil sur un champ de lavande” Print by Monique Laville


“Les lavandières de Brasparts” Print by Monique Laville


“Valentine Love” Print by Rajiv Khilnani


“Guitarist” Limited Edition Print by Benjamin Casiano


“Fractured Sense Of Self” Limited Edition Print by Chris Lyter


“Take The Long Way Home” Limited Edition Print by Susie Hall


“Waterfall Foam, Lübeck, Germany” Print by Connor Addison


“Sorcha” Print by Bill Zima


“Gipfelsturm” (2017) Painting by Carole Kohler


“Democracy in Danko Vanko” (2018) Painting by Madam P


“Skyfire” Sculpture by Philip Hearsey


“Ladies & Gentlemen” (1975) by Andy Warhol


“Les lavandières de Brasparts” (2012) Painting by Monique Laville


“Lilies and Iris” Print by Thomas Stiltz


“Vendi Vino” Print by Jerry Venditti


Untitled (From Three Lithographs), 1985 by Keith Haring


“Scandal Beck” Print by Bill Zima


“Horse Hunt” (2016) Painting by Robert van Bolderick


“There’s Evidence” Print by Frank Baer


“Sophia Loren I” (2016) Painting by Robert van Bolderick


“Lost Horizons” Limited Edition Print by Susie Hall


“Promena” Print by Robert van Bolderick


“River Chilt” Print by Bill Zima


“Dollar Sign” (1) 1982 by Andy Warhol


“Akuna” Limited Edition Print by Ugo Nonis