Warren Pickard

Founder & CEO
Warren Pickard is the Founder and CEO of HNWgallery. For the preceding 12 years, Mr. Pickard was the Founder and President of Wild Rose Internet Services, a wireless Internet service provider with towers in Western Canada. Prior to that, Warren was a Canadian real estate investor focused on the purchase and conversion of apartment buildings. During that time, he organized and hosted a real estate investment summit with 125 developers, landlords, pension funds and investment banks from Canada and the U.S.

Lisa Desai

VP of Private Sales
Lisa Desai is the VP of Sales for HNWgallery. Previously, Ms. Desai was an Emmy Award-winning television producer based in Los Angeles, California. Having come from a decade-long career in the world of television programming, Lisa has utilized her research, investigative and creative skills to find ways of networking and connecting with the Hollywood community and the HNW community from all backgrounds and sectors.

Jason Salvagni

VP of Operations
Jason Salvagni is the VP of Operations for HNWgallery. His previous tenure includes 3 years on Wall Street as a full-portfolio financial adviser, and 5 years as Vice President of a network security software firm. He was CEO and co-founder of Augusta Enterprises, a venture capital consultancy firm that launched more than 25 successful startups from seed capital through profitability. He has served on the Advisory Board for Startup Nation and University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship.

Justin Harmon

VP of Client Services
Justin Harmon is the VP of Client Services for HNWgallery. Mr. Harmon is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of the financial services industry, having worked at Bloomberg, Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan Private Bank. While at JP Morgan Private Bank, Mr. Harmon supervised assets under management for HNW and UHNW clients and also spearheaded a capital advisory marketing campaign which brought in significant new assets.