Andy Okay

Swedish artist Andy Okay crafts dreamy works of art with a dual purpose. His surreal animal portraits - which he refers to as “Art with Heart” - are both aesthetically alluring and packed with deeper meanings, perfectly pairing his artistic skills with his passion for the environment.

As a former award-winning art director, with an education in both communications and graphic design, Andy has practiced the art of sending a message for over 20 years. Through his eye-catching work, he invite the viewers to enjoy harmonious scenes while also prompting them to ponder the bigger picture.

Endangered and threatened fauna facing climate change, plastic pollution, and poaching are just some of the subjects featured in Andy's colorful art. In each case, he touches on serious issues without overwhelming the viewer, culminating in a beautiful body of work that will cause people to stop and experience emotions on deeper levels. His unique approach to combine art and important storytelling with aesthetically pleasing imagery has landed him collaborations with organizations such as WWF, PETA, Give Back To Nature, Ideas Powered, United Nations and World Creativity Day, and his art has been recognized by BuzzFeed, My Modern Met, Huffington Post, Fubiz, Bored Panda, and many others.

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